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Do something by investing in useful water systems that will fight pollution and lower water waste.

Water Situation In Southern California: The Problems And Solutions

If you are familiar with happenings of Southern California whether you live here or visit regularly, you might have thought about the water situation. It appears that water is becoming scarcer. This is not a problem of Southern California only, this is happening all over the state of California. But have you asked the necessary questions? Like what are the causes? What are plans being implemented to salvage the situation? What can you do about it? Southern California indeed has a lot to deal with between hard water concerns, contamination and somewhat acute shortage of water.

At first glance, hard water would probably appear as the minimum problem Southern California can contend with. For several years, hard water problems have been dealt with. Also, there are water softeners and conditioners today that could produce softer and potable water when it is needed. Hard water may not pose any challenge to health but it does cause other things that could be mildly or excessively irritating.

Let us take an example, the hard materials of the water reacts with soaps and detergents and create an insoluble material called curd. We have highlighted five problems that come with using hard water, they include waste of soaps and detergent, rings of soap foams in sinks, baths and showers, problem bathing and cleaning skin and hair, limescale build-up in water using appliances and blockage of hot water pipes. This could reduce the life expectancy of these appliances. It could also harm the effectiveness and adds to the energy waters or boilers require. Water contamination is another issue in Southern California and by extension, the whole country.  Bottled water is not safe from contamination too; they may contain toxic contaminants.

We might think that tap water has rational amounts of contaminants lesser than the Environmental Protection Agency’s Standards, they only regulate about 90 water contaminants, and they do not regulate all.
You should note that the most known water pollutants can have adverse effect on health, so if you are a homeowner, you should have the knowledge of different groups of water pollutants.
They include disinfection by-products, microbes, radionuclides, arsenic etc.
The water shortage and the difficulties it brings has been one of the problems being tackled by experts and the government till this moment.

Locals can help but there is absolutely no way to help if they do not know what the problem is exactly; knowing the problems is the best way to solve the problem.
Southern California, as well as other parts of California problems, is complicated and the always changing glacial slowness and arid temperatures do not help.
Millions of farmlands depend on irrigation and that has made the state one of the foremost producers and exporters of agricultural products in the country.
The areas of Southern California have even seen more development because of water. Now, drought seems to be threatening the existence of these benefits and water supply keeps decreasing.

There is excess demand for water more than what the supply can cater for.  It appears that the Southern California population seems to be growing and this could cause more problems for water supply.
According to projections from professionals, the state of California population will increase to 60 million by 2050. This accounts for about 56% increment from the 2000 census.

As the population increases, expand and grow, it should be expected that it will put more strain on issues concerning water supply projects to augment water supply in their neighbourhood..

The issues surrounding water supply

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The thing is majority of the public are in the dark about the issues surrounding water supply in the area but some agencies have taken this up by building regional projects to augment water supply in their neighbourhood. On the other hand, there seems to be not much going on at the central. There have not been many improvements in the state and federal water's system since about 1972. It is probably needful to have an understanding of where the water goes and the benefits having enough safe drinking water supply for people and businesses could bring.

For the last 60 years or so, California has been the country’s foremost agricultural producer. It supplies approximately 50% of the country’s agricultural produce. Agriculture in California creates about 1.1 million jobs and makes about $27.6 billion dollars in sales and additional $100 billion in similar finances.

Water contamination is another issue in Southern California and by extension


Their leading position in Agriculture means they have use lots and lots of water. There are about 9.6 million acres of land under irrigation so agriculture alone uses about 80% of California’s water supply. Some might think, why not just decrease it? Doing this would be disadvantageous and exceedingly hard- lots of farms make maximal use of their supply and reducing it would automatically translate to having less output.

Let’s talk about solutions. Southern California could use increased water conservation and efficiency efforts to an advantage. How do I mean? Water waste has to be reduced through economic water saving technology, reviews of economic policies and public education. It has also been suggested that the California plumbing should be re-engineered. This includes the construction of long pipelines that could get water from a less contaminated location.

Homeowners in the region can also do something by investing in useful water systems that will fight pollution and lower water waste. They can also use water coolers to deliver safe water to their homes without wasting any. It is an ideal and affordable solution; you just have to make sure you select a water company that has been licensed by the water company.

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